Not Online Means Not For Sale


If your company has a limited to no online presence, you pretty much have closed the doors to your shop! 

If you do not have a website, a social media presence and online reviews with updated listings, you do not have anything for sale.  

The stark truth is that consumers are leading the way towards a new way to shop, live and play.  Consumers are working, consuming news and entertainment, socializing and shopping, all online.  More and more consumers are streaming content, hanging out on interactive social sites and scrolling their multiple platform feeds constantly.  Online reviews, brand influencers and social sites have garnered greater effect over all our purchases, both online and in stores.   Big tech is facing antitrust hearings...that pretty much sums up the amount of power and influence everything digital has on branding.

People are spending more time now more than ever on connected devices.  App usage and streaming is up across markets and traditional use of TV and radio is trending downward. I was recently asked why I decided to start BC Media and primarily focus on building the digital footprints of businesses.  I responded, “Why isn't every business focused on their digital footprint”.  Digital marketing impacts a brand’s success exponentially and it should be a top priority for every business owner.

Businesses must develop a sound digital marketing plan that includes social media but also includes maintaining a comprehensive, interactive online presence with an optimized website, accurate directory listings and reputation management.  Handling social media for a small business could realistically take 15 hours a week and for a medium sized business it can easily take up to 40 hours per week.  It is a time consuming effort and must be done correctly and consistently.

Executing a good digital marketing plan takes the right person and most times it takes a team.  Business owners must choose wisely when hiring a person or agency.  Just because someone has a large social following does not qualify them to handle your digital marketing. The days of every person thinking they can do social media marketing just because they know how to take a picture are over.  In fact often it is absolutely necessary to have a team of people handling that aspect of your business.  You need people to run your social media marketing because running it yourself in your spare time around also running your business is not only not effective but it can cost your business revenue.

Social Media Marketing is marketing. Hire a marketing team that understands marketing and has skills around Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Optimization, consumer research, business intelligence, writing, data analysis, design, technology and strategy.  You need an on hand marketing service that can deliver for all the advertising needs of today.  You need BC Media El Paso.


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Post Corona Advertising In A Mostly Digital World

2020 changed the way we advertise products and services like no other time period in history.  A global pandemic has forced the digitalization of our world.  Advertiser audiences have changed how they consume news and entertainment across the board.  The audiences we normally found in newspapers, TV, radio and other mass communication platforms have scattered because we, as a global society, are barreling down the rails at light speed towards a fully digital distribution of all news and entertainment.  

We are witnessing the fastest adaptation to digital technologies due to the largest shift in human behavior.  Consumers, now and in the future, will live and work in a very digitalized environment and because of this, purchasing decisions will be influenced via the digital environment where swaths of consumers now exist.  It is likely customers will never go back to learning about products or services the way they did pre-Covid.  

What makes reaching a target audience more difficult is that today’s audience does not want to be interrupted with advertiser commercials.  They prefer to subscribe to commercial free programming and advertisers have to follow them wherever they go.  Advertisers must meet their target audiences where they are at today, both in messaging and digital platform.

If you are a small to medium business owner operating pre, during or post Corona, you absolutely must own a strong digital presence to draw in new customers.  At the very least your marketing plan must include the digital basics: an optimized website, impactful social media and effective on line reputation management.

The two largest and ultimately most effective ways to market a business service today is via Google and Facebook.  These are two of the largest technology companies that have now transformed into mass communication entities.  They use algorithmic behavioral predictions to touch our audience emotions at the very core creating the perfect environment to deliver marketing messages.

There was a time when the youngest person on your staff (or family) was assigned the role of all things digital for your business: website editor, social media administrator, Google Analyst, etc.  2020 forward is no longer that time.  

Now is the time to invest in the digital platforms where you must market your product in order to just be considered for a purchase.

BC Media El Paso can help by taking on the advertising tasks of what is probably going to be your most cost effective marketing techniques.  Digital advertising and digital marketing can cost less and most importantly, can track results.  

BC Media El Paso offers expertise in the areas of marketing that every business needs in order to pivot towards the new way of commerce.  

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